Support to Higher Legal Education in Iraq


In 2013, the European Union commenced a multi-year project entitled "Support to Higher Legal Education in Iraq". The aims of this project are twofold namely:Enhancing the overall legal academic environment within Iraqi Colleges/Faculties/Schools of Law - hereafter "Colleges of Law". This includes supporting the ongoing development of Higher Legal Education curricula in accordance with European international standards, and advising on innovative learning environments as adopted by European Higher Education Institutions Facilitating the (re-)connection of Colleges of Law within Iraq, and with their international counterparts so as to foster and support enhanced;cooperation and collaboration;amongst these institutions. The enhanced sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources, improved collaboration with local, regional and international peers, and increased research opportunities are some of the benefits expected to arise from this project. Furthermore, it is envisaged that this project will contribute to the process of enhancing and strengthening the Rule of Law within Iraq to the benefit of all its citizens.

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