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Soran Ali

Quality Assurance

Full Name: Soran Ali Hasan


College: Law and international Relations

Degree: Assistant lecturer


Personal e-Mail:

Mobile: 00964 750 420 2124

Short Biography:-

v  MA in Public Law, Salahaddin University, Erbil, 2013.

v  BA in  Law- Salahaddin University 2007.

v  Field of Research:

ü  Federalism System

ü   Central System of  Region Administrative

ü  The Right of Region and Local Managements

ü  Justice Institution (High Court of Federalism)

v  Profile:   

ü  Bachelors Degree in Law\ Salahaddin University

ü  Master Degree in public Law\ Salahaddin University

ü  PHD Student in Public Law\ Salahaddin University




A-      Books:

(The Legal Regulation of The Constituent Units of The Federalism in Iraq ) 2017


B-      Journals:-

1- The Formation and Characteristics of Hlabja Governorate Council Governorate in lights of Central Basis of Region Administrative\ law and political journal in Salahaddin University\ No 18\ 2015.


2-  The problem of Joint Characteristics between Federal and Region authority in Iraq\  the journal of Hawler polytechnics university, No: 4\ 2017.

















C-      Conferences:

1-      Participate in the conference of College of law \ Sallahadein University \ 2007

2-      Join conference between the polytechnic Erbil university and the institutions of (Aynda, Rwandz and Akre) under the title (Barriers before technical studying and the necessary of job market). 4\2017

3-      Joint symposium between Salahaddin University and institutions of (Aynda, Rwandz and Akre) under the title of (The Crises in Kurdistan Region in this time\ Causes and Solutions) 11\4\ 2018. 




D-     Seminars:


Ø   The decision of Lawyers Syndicate: legal problems and practical barriers  (2014 law faculty\ Soran university)

Ø  The crimes against Yezidies and bringing the case before the International Criminal Court) 2015 College of law\  Salahaddin university.

Ø     Administrative Central and obeying the law, the Council of Slemani Governorate as a sample (2016 Lebanese French University).

Ø  The  legal basis of  declaring the federalism West Kurdistan (2016- faculty of law\ Soran University).

Ø  The truth of constitutional method form federally to confederacy, South and West Kurdistan as sample (2017\  Anda Private Technical Institute).

Ø  Constitutional Gape in Kurdistan Region (2017\  Anda Private Technical Institute).

Ø  The problem of formation and specialization of the Federally High Court in Iraq (2017\ Anda Private Technical Institute)

Ø  The case of constitutional and non constitutional Kurdistan independent referendum (2018, law faculty\ soran university)

Ø  The  guarantee of the commercial rights of Kurdistan  region out of federal budget law (2018, faculty of law\ soran university).

Ø  The concept of  regular democratic in organizing  the constitution (2018, faculty of law\ soran university).