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Proff. Dr. Majeed Khedher Ahmed

Contact Info

Faculty: Law

Department: Law

Address:  Iraq-Arbil-32- Behind of Mosque Jawdat Alasaad


Phone Number: 07507356777


Academic title:  Professor in the puplic law

Responsibility:  Teacher-Mr  In Soran University – College Of Law

General Expertise: puplic Law

Specific Expertise: Criminal Law

Research Interests:

1- Cause link in law penalties.

2- Error Theory in law penalties.

3- Abstract in Basic of criminal law.

4- Abstract in interpretation criminal law.

5- Manual of legal and investigating Education.

6- Manual of executing the contracting works.

 7-   Methods of Teaching English as a Foreign Language   

In Special Course.                                                                                         

8- Modern web – based distance  learning: the advantages and disadvantages.                                                                          

9- Distinction between man and women in criminal law.

10- Necessity in criminal procedures.

11- Protection of the right of residence.

12- Memorization of the exceeded intention.

13- Forgery in the Iraqi penalty cod.

14- The crime of sectarian  fight and civil war. 




1- Professor Degree - Soran University – College Of Law-2015 

2- Assistant Professor Degree - Soran University – College Of Law-2015 

3-D.Cr.L – Baghdad University- College Of Law- 2003

4- M.Cr.L - Baghdad University- College Of Law- 1999

5- B.L - Baghdad University- College Of Law- 1992

6- B.A. –In  English Language - Baghdad University- College Of Language- 1998

7- M.Cr.L – In Professional Development (Learning And Teaching In Higher Education) – University of St Mark & St John _ Plymouth-Manchester)- 2014.                                                                                        

8- Diplom- In Russian Language- Baghdad University- College Of Language- 1998.                                                                                           

9- Efficiency in improving the skills of detectives- Al.sadat Academy  for managing sciences- RAF-Cairo-2004.                                                          

10 - Efficiency in English Language -- College Of Language- 1996.


1- Lawyer for some years.

2- Judge in criminals and misdemeanor court- (6) years in Baghdad.                                                                                            

3- Attorney general in  in criminals and misdemeanor court- (4) years in Baghdad.                                                                                                       

4- Legal Advisor in legal office Directorate-(2) years in Baghdad.                                                                        

5- Lecturer and Teacher-Mr  to the subjects of Law , English and Human Rights In several colleges of Law :Like, Al-Mustansyria ,Al-Turath , Al-Yarmook , Dyala , Nawroos in Dohuk , Soran Universites . Also : College of Medicine ,and Techno-Managing Institute in Baghdad.                         

6- Translator for articles in English language in some previous Journals . Also, Editor of legal and constitutional  Journal in Al-Sabah Journal-Baghdad.                                                                                                          

7- Deputy of General Inspector and Director  general of legal and investigating Board In Iraqi Ministry of Petroleum for two years before coming to Kurdistan in 2006.


Publications: (Books, researches)

1- Cause link in law penalties.

2- Error Theory in law penalties.

3-Criminal protection of the sanctity of the home

4- Explanation of the Penal Cod


Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- Criminal liability companies provide Iraq with chemical weapons - conference, Halabcha- 2017.

- Differentitation of criminal protection between women and men in criminal law

- 19  Conference of Student, Soran University- 2010-2017

-Conference of Kurdistan Constitution project, Faculty of Law- Soran University- 2015.

- Conference of Genocide, Soran University- Faculty of Duhok- 2013