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Mahdi Ameen Abdullah

Contact Info

Faculty: Faculty of Law & International Relations

Department: International Relations

Address: Kurdisatan / Erbil – Soran



Phone Number: (009647503062333)


Academic title: assistant Lecturer


General Expertise: political sciences & International Relations

Specific Expertise: International Relations (US foreign policy toward Middle East)

Research Interests:

- US foreign policy toward Middle East

- US foreign policy towards the Kurds.

- Theories in International Relations.



- PhD student in political science and international relations In Malaysia (UUM) and my dissertation about: US foreign policy toward Iraqi Kurdistan in the Middle East after emergence of SIS

-A master's degree in political science at St. Clements University in 2005

- Another Masters Degree in Political Science and International Relations in International Islamic   University Malaysia (IIUM) in 2013

- A bachelor's degree in Islamic sciences at Baghdad university in 1996.



1-   I was born on 1-7-1973 in Mirqa Suar

2-   Assistant Lecturer at Soran University- Faculty of Law and international relations.

3-      A founding member of the Central Institute of teachers in Soran and Associate Director for 7 years from 2003-2010

4-      A founding member of the Union of Iraqi Kurdistan teachers Soran branch for 4 years





Publications: (Books, researches)



Scientific Activities:


·          Has a number of political articles published in Rudaw, Gulan,  Basnews and civilized dialogue website

·         Participate in many conferences in the Iraqi Kurdistan region and outside

·         Interested leadership, human development and participated in conferences abroad on this topic