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Khalida Thanoun Mar’i

Contact Info

Faculty: Law and International Relations

Department: Law

Address:  Iraq- Erbil- 32 Park


Phone Number: +9647504130344

Academic title:  Assistant Professor


General Expertise: Public Law

Specific Expertise: International Law

Research Interests:

- International Law

- International Organization

- Human Rights


- Ph.D in law

- Master in law

- Bachelors in law


- Succession of States in Treaties Research published in/ Rafidain Journal of Rights, 1999.

- International Arbitration for the Settlement of International Disputes / Journal of Diwaniyah University of Qadisiyah 2000.

- Human Rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights / Journal of Diwaniyah University of Qadisiyah 2000.

- Detailing the idea of individual will of the State / Rafidain Magazine of Rights 2005.

- State Responsibility Resulting from Environmental Pollution Damage / Environment Legislation Conference in Arab Countries, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 2006.

- United Nations and International Conflict Management / Jihan University Conference, Arbil, Iraq, 2011.

Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- The conference on environmental legislation in the Arab countries was held in Amman in 2007.

- Participated in a training course in cooperation with CIP in 2008.

- Participated in a training course in cooperation with the Forum of Arab Alternatives and coordination with the union of university professors in 2009

- Participated in research in the conference of human security and social mobility, which was established by Yarmouk University in 2011.

- In a training course in Drisden (Germany), she hosted a lecture at the University of Dresden.

- Participated in a 15-day training course held in California on international treaties on the prevention of violence and respect for human rights for the period from 24-4 to 8-5-2013.