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Contact Info: professor(Academician)

Faculty: Law and International Relations

Department: Law

Address:Hawlere-- New Arbil


Phone Number:(07508346880)

Academic title: assistant lecturer


General Expertise: Public international law

Specific Expertise: Public international law

Research Interests:

-         law



-Diploma of Technical Management Office
-Bachelor of Public Law
-Master Public international law
-PhD Public international law



. I was born in Baghdad 14/12/1960 and the place of residence of Erbil, New / Irbil. I completed my elementary and secondary studies in Erbil. I graduated from the Faculty of Evening Law / Salahuddin University and got my BA in Public Law in 2001-2002. Law and Politics / Salahuddin University in 2007-2008, currently a graduate student / doctorate at the University of Alexandria / Faculty of Law, As a friendly technician diploma from the Technical Institute of Technology in Mosul, Department of Management, Office of Administration in 1987-1979.
In 11.10.1979 the career entered for the first time in the Ministry of Industry / General Establishment for manual carpets in Erbil, and she served in jobs that reached the degree Khper
in 2005, completed my graduate studies in the master and transferred to the service of the university since 2008, and began as a teacher Assistant at the Faculty of law / Soran of the University of Salah al-Din at the time and now Soran University since the founding of the university in 2009, and so far, attributed to the period between 2009 --2013 as a facilitator Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Arts / Soran University (four years Associate Dean and three months Dean), currently, work teaching a lecture in facuhty law and international relations and on the permanent staffing, and i Graduate filleting / Dkourah at Alexandria University / Faculty of Law.

Publications: (Books, researches)

Book (Women's Rights working in international conventions and internal legislation) Knowledge facility Alexandria in 2014


Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

 1 - Civil Defense and Occupational Safety Course in 1980.

2 - Course of time and creativity management in Egypt for the period 1-3 / 4/2006

3 - The course of logistics management in Egypt from 4-6 / 4/2006.

Training course on organization in civil society organizations for the period 5-7 / 4/2007.

4 -training course for teaching human rights in Beirut / American Institute of Peace / for the period from 15-20 / 8/2009.

The course of teaching methods / University of Salahaddin for the period from 6/9/2008 to 1/4/2009

5  - Computer Efficiency Course / Salahuddin University / for the period from 15/7/2009 to 30/8/2009

6 - Course of Principles of National Development / University of Soran / for the period from 5/1/2011 to 20/1/2011

7-. Course on the protection of human rights / UNESCO / Erbil / for the period from 2/5/2011 to 4/5/2011

8 - English Language Course / Soran University / Language Center / for the period from 4/1/2011 to 7/6/2011

 9- For the hip-hop on safety and risk / UNESCO / from 89/5/2012

10- The session of the consultants of international arbitration and international disputes / Cairo / 15/2/2/2014


11- Participation in the Azhar Conference to confront violence and extremism held by the World Association of Alumni of Al Azhar in Cairo in 2014


12-         (Declaration of the results of the study to promote the rights of workers and trade union freedoms), which was made by the Organization of Freedom and Peace in the Kurdistan Region with the Norwegian People's Aid in 2016.

13 - Bio informatics workshop by Bayan University - Erbil, 2017