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Aram Nabee Mohammed

Contact Info

Faculty: Law and International Relations

Department: Law

Address: Soran\ Erbil

Email:   \

Phone Number: 009647504685446


Academic title: Assistant Lecturer

Responsibility: Manager of the Quality Assurance in the Faculty 

General Expertise: Public Law

Specific Expertise: International Law

Research Interests: International Humanitarian Law

- International Intervention

- International Law and the Use of Force

- Global Politics and Law



- Master Degree In Global Politics and Law

- PHD Student




Aram Nabee Mohammed Wasani was born in 1984 Erbil/ Iraqi Kurdistan, and he is Manager of the Quality Assurance in the Faculty  of law and International Relations at Soran University. He has got his bachelor from Salahaddeen University in 2007. Then, he worked as a Lawyer for one year. After that he worked as a legal assistant in the presidency of Soran University. Finally, he got master degree in Global Politics and Law from Sheffield University in the United Kingdom in 2013 and now he is working in Soran University as an assistant lecturer.