Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is one of the main faculties at Soran University, it was established in 2008. The Faculty has a law department and several administrative units such as IT, library, planning and statistics and postgraduate units. Annually, around 60 students are accepted to join the Faculty. At present, the Faculty has 250 undergraduate students and about 20 postgraduate students. 180 students have graduated during the past 5 years. In addition, the Faculty has 40 lecturers, of which 20 of them currently are PhD students in the USA, UK and Egypt.


The Faculty aims to provide students with innovative teaching methods that are driven by the latest developments in law. Meaning that students will have numerous opportunities to get experience in legal issues through our practical studies.
It is dedicated to the study of law and lawful culture, through studying modules of law principles, history, criminology, constitutional law, commercial law and so on.

It provides students with the necessary legal knowledge to appropriately work as a lawyer and legal consultant, after graduating from the Faculty.  

Dean of the Faculty
Dr. Hemdad Faisal Ahmad
Expertise: Private Law
Qualification: PhD
Email: himdad.ahmed@soran.edu.iq
Phone: 07504527795
Address: Soran, Erbil, Iraq